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Love Your Limbic

Self-Care At Work Session

Stress is a normal part of life and removing all stressors is not possible. But when you understand stress from the holistic perspective of the brain, body and soul, we are able to build resilience to and internal strength with self-compassion. Arming yourself with the right knowledge and steps to de-stress is key. Having a healthy relationship to stress empowers you to have more emotional balance and connection. Each session will leave you feeling informed, supported, and relaxed. 

Each live session includes: 

  • Review of your work set up (ie. physical, time constraints)
  • Module on understanding stress and energy
  • Recommendations of self-care integrations 
  • Recommendation of plant guides
  • Guided meditation targeting your stressors

Each session lasts 75 minutes. All sessions will be held virtually over Zoom.

who needs this

Anyone suffering from high levels of stress or burnout from work or being in school. With the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic redefining a new work landscape, we owe ourselves integrated self-care throughout the day to stay emotionally and mentally balanced.

why you need this

Just because you are working or challenged with time does not mean you should have to give up your self-care. I will teach you how to integrate relaxing moments throughout your day to feel refreshed, energized or relaxed.

brain, body and soul benefits

  • Knowledge of your brain and body's stress response
  • Relaxation in a safe environment
  • Deeper connection to self
  • Deeper connection to nature

create self-care rituals

Self-care should not have to end when Monday rolls around. Based on your specific needs, we will create a regimen and schedule of proven ways to integrate moments of care and compassion to preserve your energy and feel more balanced.

how you will feel 

  • Supported in a judgement-free zone
  • Informed and empowered
  • Relaxed and self-compassionate

lasting benefits

We spend so much time (and money) tending to our stress symptoms. While this feels amazing and we should all indulge in as much self-care as possible, working with me will leave you empowered and informed to prevent stress from a self-compassionate perspective.

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