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February 07, 2021 2 min read

Seeking stillness from chronic stress is a work in progress.


When I first started out on my journey of well-being, my mind was a racing mess. I was in a very deep burnout episode, the worst one I ever had. I had never experienced such a deep low before. I was physically exhausted and could not get out of this infinite ditch. Yet my mind was all over the place, vacillating between horrible self-critical thoughts to plotting to quit my job to dealing with the heaviest real life traumas that I had ever gone through. More to come later on that, when I'm ready.

The brain is a wonderful tool that creates many, many, many thoughts per day. Like the saliva that our mouth creates, the mind creates never-ending thoughts. They call it the Monkey Mind, and it was as if my monkey mind could not turn off. Quite frankly, it was freaking me out because I felt out of control.

The first step in me getting to a place of stillness was to understand that this was all very normal, that this is what the brain does. So simple, yet it gave me enough space to allow the thoughts to flow versus trying to suppress them. It was with a small dash of self-compassion to not judge the thoughts (or myself), but rather sit with them as my mind was working itself out. If my body was feeling this out of whack, imagine what my brain was also going through.

I will share more on this topic of stillness and the mind in the future. I am near obsessed with how amazing our brains are and I observe in awe with how even such a mighty and powerful part of us which seems to be 'always on' also needs to work itself out.

Do you struggle with stillness, and what do you do to settle your mind?




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