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Red Pine Wood Sheet Memo Pad

Jot down your dreams and ideas and bring nature indoors with this notepad made from shaved sheets of Japanese Red Pine. Adorn your workspace or give this unique and beautiful paper as a gift. Each pad contains approximately 50 sheets. 

Kizara memo pads are made by shaving individual sheets of paper from a single block of Japanese Red Pine. Each block is sourced through surplus tree thinning, an ecological process that promotes healthy, sustainable forestry in Japan. No two sheets are the same, making every note a unique memento. 

  • Paper size is 4" wide x 6" tall.
  • Made out of Red Pine
  • Made in Tokyo, Japan

Keep in a cool, dry place. Pages may warp slightly if exposed to humidity.



Japanese Red Pine


Keep in a cool, dry place. Pages may warp slightly if exposed to humidity.

brain, body and soul benefits

  • Bring nature indoors as a beautiful reminder
  • Helps with perfectionism. Do not think too hard about what to write.

journaling  ritual

Let your mind wander as you write down your innermost thoughts on this natural paper. As someone who suffered from perfectionism, having a beautiful paper like this to doodle on is an exercise to honoring my thoughts.

where to keep

  • Your workstation or nightstand
  • Take with you as inspiration can strike at any time

how to use

Your thoughts are unique. Honor them on this unique paper. This makes a wonderful gift as well. 

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