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Stone Essential Oil Mini Diffuser

A nature-inspired, personal essential oil diffuser that is the perfect desk accessory. This diffuser is ideal to enjoy essential oils within a shared space or at a home office because the aroma of your essential oil will not emit through the air in a large space.

The Tokoname Stone Diffuser is made in one of the six ancient kilns in Japan. Each diffuser is molded and polished one by one. The soft round shape gives a natural impression and offers a sense of calm to your space. 

  • Portable, easy to transport 
  • Made out of clay from ancient kilns
  • Made in Tokoname, Japan

Essential oil shown in photo not included.

product benefits

This is a personalized way to use essential oils in a shared space. Bring natures indoors and create a zen atmosphere at your workstation or nightstand. Because of its size, the Stone Diffuser is easy to transport and does not require electricity or water.

aromatic ritual

Apply 3-5 drops of high quality essential oil to the stone. Breathe in and relax. A unique pattern will show where the drops land, as the liquid absorbs into the stone. Add more drops as scent starts to fade. TIP: For best results, use essential oils that blend well together to layer the aroma.

brain, body and soul benefits

  • Relax and shift energy using aroma and olfaction
  • Beautiful design enhances workspace
  • Fuss-free and easy to use
  • Makes a unique gift for you or a friend

where to use

  • Shared workspace
  • Home office
  • Nightstand


Clay, made from one of six ancient kilns in Japan.


3.5" L x 3.1" D x 0.8" H. Weight: 0.27 lb.

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